February 2024 Advisor of the Month

Check out some of the wonderful things our advising colleagues have done over spring semester so far! Thank you to each of you for all of your hard work and dedication to the students in your areas and OSU!

  • Brian Oilar, Julianne Hensel & Jordan Schoonover
    • Brian, Julianne and Jordan helped so much as we got through honors application season in Fisher. The 3 of them helped process and review almost 550 applications with a very tight timeline. We would not have made it through without them. Thank you all so much for your support of business honors students!”
  • John Barton
    • John has been a Fisher advisor for a short period of time, but is connecting with students in authentic and genuine ways. He is able to use his school counseling background to help them solve their problems. Additionally, he is patient and thorough when assisting them with questions and coaching them on their struggles. He has worked hard to learn systems and processes as a new employee and has been an absolute joy as a colleague. (And the fact that his wife could easily win the Great British Bake-Off doesn’t hurt – we do love it when he brings in treats.) His positivity and optimism are great for our office culture and we’re so glad to have him on the team.”
  • Jordan Schoonover
    • “Jordan is a relatively new professional advisor, but has brought quite a bit of higher education experience to her role at Fisher. She has contributed great ideas for the Honors advising team, as well as volunteered to assist with standardizing our advising offices for our post-pandemic hoteling environment. Jordan is a great colleague to her fellow advisors and her experiences as a PhD student and instructor in History have been extremely beneficial to her students in Fisher.”
  • Evan Stapp
    • “Evan has recently taken over Fisher Undergraduate Program’s Wellness Committee and has done an exceptional job creating staff events that have increased office morale, interactions, and connections. In addition, he has been a strong team player, brought positive energy to the office, and always makes the team laugh even on the most hectic days.”
    • Evan is the chair of the Wellness Committee in Fisher’s Undergraduate Programs office and is working with his committee to plan innovative wellness opportunities and new social events for our entire team. For example, he’s made our office bulletin board a source of weekly engagement within our large hybrid team and has planned an outing to the Chocolate Cafe later this month for a sweet treat experience. He is eager to make people feel welcome and is careful to be inclusive so that everyone feels welcome. We are so lucky to have him in Fisher!”
  • Lilli Williams
    • Since she joined the advising team in Fisher, Lilli has encountered more than her fair share of difficult interactions with students and their families. She is consistent, thorough, and objective in her approach, and has made my job easier with her careful documentation of challenging situations. She is always student-centered, even – and perhaps especially – in the toughest moments of the job.”
  • David Zach
    • David put in a lot of work this month sorting through ACADAOS membership accounts. This is a time-consuming and often frustrating process, but by doing this, he was able to identify and resolve some important issues related to membership that will help the organization both grow and be more organized moving forward. Additionally, he gave me a really good idea to help restart a stagnant group project. Thank you, David!!!”

The winners of February’s ACADAOS raffle areā€¦
Evan Stapp & Lilli Williams.
Congratulations to all!

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