April 2023 Advisor of the Month

Before jumping into April’s advisors of the month, I want to re-congratulate the winners of this year’s ACADAOS awards. You can read through their blurbs in the End of Year Banquet program here.

Outstanding New Advisor Award Winner: Emilia Louy

Mary Bailey Advising Award Winners: Alison Baker & Heather Kerr

Melinda McDonald Advising Administrator Award Winner: Cory Matyas

Now, onto April!

Check out some of the wonderful things our advising colleagues have done this past month! Thank you to each of you for all of your hard work and dedication to the students in your areas and OSU!

  • EXP KCC Squad Advisors: Kathryn Dove, Ericka Gunn, Margaret Nevrekar, Kennetia Ratleff-Horton, and Dominique Todd
    • This group of outstanding advisors works with some of the most challenging student situations, dealing with transfer and campus change students in Exploration. They often have to have the hard conversations with students about reimagining their academic path and helping them find new ways to achieve their goals. Somehow, they still approach each student with a smile and compassion. I feel honored to work with this amazing team of advisors.”
  • Michelle Daymon & Brandon Hines
    • Major kudos to Michelle and Brandon, co-chairs of the 2022-23 Awards & Recognition Committee, for successfully organizing the first in-person ACADAOS end-of-year banquet since 2019! The committee this year was small (but mighty!), and the four-year gap since the last in-person event means that there was a lot of extra work to re-establish old norms and processes and make new ones as well. They did an excellent job navigating unexpected challenges, both beforehand and on the day of, to provide an enjoyable experience for all!”
  • Margaux Karp & Kim Wickham
    • Margaux and Kim joined the Central Support for Academic Advising team during Autumn semester. They have already had experience supporting Business, HRS, EHE, and other areas. In addition, they reached out to students at the beginning of Spring who were repeating a course for the 3rd time to help them change their class schedules, and they also sent positive recognition messages for students who had significantly improved their Autumn GPA (compared to their cumulative GPA) which was very well received by students. More than that, they have contributed at least 40 hours each to planning, offering, and supporting both the Holistic Advising and Wellness Day on March 28th and the Advising To Careers conference on April 21st. They are creative, student centered, team oriented advisors who deserve to be recognized for their hard work.”
  • Alisa Paulsen
    • Alisa is a great Advising Administrator. She takes the time to acknowledge the time, work, and efforts put forward by our advising team to support our large major. Her thoughtfulness during Advisor appreciation week and throughout the year is great appreciated.”

The winners of this month’s ACADAOS raffle are… Margaux Karp & Kim Wickham! Congratulations!

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