February 2023 Advisor of the Month

Check out some of the wonderful things our advising colleagues have done this past month! Thank you to each of you for all of your hard work and dedication to the students in your areas and OSU!

  • Meg Downing
    • Meg is always there to answer my questions and helps keep me sane. She is an absolute rock star of an advisor and is always so supportive and wonderful.”
  • Ahmed Hassan
    • Ahmed has been a great addition to our team in EHE and goes above and beyond to support our students. He connects well with students and makes them feel valued and cared for at all times. He constantly looks for ways to enhance his already strong advising skill set and contributes greatly to the unit.”
  • Jeanne Mauriocourt
    • As we have undergone a great deal of transition in our advising office, Jeanne has been a steady hand to help guide us all through the process. Throughout all the ups and downs as we navigate training new advisors and filling empty leadership roles, Jeanne has taken time and care to ensure that everyone on the advising team feels heard and recognized. All this while she uses the same calm and ease to advise her students.”
  • Gionna Russo
    • Gionna has done a fabulous job learning about the ISE curriculum and assisting ISE students this semester. She really takes the time to learn about the student and provide accurate and detail-oriented options for their schedules. Her questions are thoughtful and student-centered.”
  • Jen Scott
    • Jen helped a student seeking review of COMM transfer credit. Both the student and advisor had no luck getting a copy of an old syllabus for review. Jen used her magic and found one to review and get the general credit changed for the student. Her commitment to going above and beyond for students is greatly appreciated by the student and advisor. Thanks Jen!”
  • Ashley Sweaney
    • Ashley was extremely helpful in tracking down missing grades from an AU22 class. One of the many responsiblities that is advising, but not. Thanks Ashley, greatly appreciated by the students and staff!”
  • Melissa Toretch
    • Melissa has been doing amazing work in the CSE advising office helping with the many MANY advising questions from both students and colleagues. She is an absolute rockstar and is going above and beyond to help as much as she can.”

The winners of this month’s ACADAOS raffle are… Ahmed Hassan and Jen Scott! Congratulations!

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