June-October 2022 Advisors of the Month

It’s been a while since the last Advisor of the Month post, but advisors and other staff continue to do great work across campus all months of the year. Here are just some examples of what that has looked like. Thank you to each of you for all of your hard work and dedication to the students in your areas and OSU!

  • Meg Downing
    • Meg has been a wonderful resource and go-to person for all questions related to degree audit exceptions and GEN. She is always quick to reply to email questions and even will pause in her own work to answer instant message questions in the moment. Thanks Meg for being you. You ROCK!”
  • Cecilia Johnson
    • Cecilia worked to help an international student who had a family tragedy and was not enrolled in any classes Week 1 to enroll full-time by the end of Week 2. The student has a double-major and was emailing two advisors at one time. Cecilia was wonderful in keeping both advisors and the student updated on the progress and plan for autumn. Thanks Cecilia!”
  • Heather Kerr
    • Heather worked with new international students over summer enrolled in the EDUTL 1901 class. She then continued to try to support these students when no advisor was listed in the system for the major. These new students were confused and unsure where to go with their questions. She provide reassurance and guidance on their next steps. Thank you for helping to reduce these students anxiety.”
  • Dr. Wayne Schlingman
    • Wayne goes above and beyond for every undergraduate in the Department of Astronomy. Not only does he run the summer research program, but he goes out of his way to make sure the students are doing well. He will actively reach out during tough times in the semester to check in with students individually. He will also always help you with anything academic or life related. Without him, many undergrads studying Astronomy or Physics would be lost or at a much less advantageous position in life. Words cannot describe the amount of effort and care he puts in for the students and wellbeing of the department as a whole.”
  • Sara E. Watson
    • On being an outstanding and supportive advisor as well as great role model for her students”


ACADAOS is excited to announce the return of the monthly raffle for Advisor of the Month with this month’s winners being…¬†Cecilia Johnson and Dr. Wayne Schlingman! Congratulations!

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