February 2022 Advisor of the Month

Check out some of the wonderful things our advising colleagues have done this past month! Thank you to each of you for all of your hard work and dedication to the students in your areas and OSU!

  • Ali Grandey
    • Ali, as an Academic Planning Specialist, assists with curriculum development as well as advising. Our department has been simultaneously revising two majors (Air Transportation, and our Geography BA) this year, and Ali has provided keen insights in how to translate the faculty desires for restructuring into advising sheets that are simple and practical from a student perspective. Having her as part of our curricular team has helped us make quantum leaps in redesigning our majors to best serve our students.”
  • Jocelyn Nevel
    • Jocelyn has been the primary advisor for our largest major, ASC Air Transportation for several years. This major has been hit with some unforeseen challenges of both growth in student counts as well as a sharp decline in flight lab availability (for a variety of reasons outside of our control). Jocelyn interfaces well with our partners in the Center for Aviation Studies, and she is grace under pressure with all of our students in a difficult time. I greatly appreciate her compassionate, professional and direct approaches to helping students navigate delays in their curriculum and to form the best alternate plans they can.”

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