November 2020 Advisor of the Month

It’s no secret that Autumn 2020 was a long journey for advisors, who were tasked with supporting students, teaching Survey, and other department/college/area responsibilities amid the continuing pandemic and through the stressful election. While it may not have seemed like it at the time, your efforts have been seen and appreciated. I know it’s not much, but it’s only right to open this month’s Advisor of the Month post with a nomination for, well, everyone!

ALL the Academic Advisors Seriously – y’all have made sure the good work gets done during a tumultuous time. Not only has the work gotten done – you all have done it with grace, empathy and a determination to serve your students in the best way possible. While being Higher Ed heroes you were balancing families, anxiety and not always having a clear picture of what 2020 might throw at you next. Don’t even get me started on PA/NP!

On behalf of those who work “around” you each and everyday – WE SEE YOU. You are appreciated and admired. Proud of this advising community!


In addition to these kind words, check out some of the wonderful things our advising colleagues have done this past month!

Angie LeCount Melamed Angie has a VERY large advisee load of Biochem majors, and works long hours to answer all their questions about scheduling, PA/NP, changing majors, adding minors, and other issues, while also dealing with computer problems and two young children at home. I admire her professionalism and fortitude, and I was very grateful that she was able to provide me with her special Pre-Health 101 handout for Survey!
Pete Locascio Pete consistently is finding ways to best support students. Pete manages curriculum, GE, and minor petitions. He is always quick to respond to faculty, staff, and students while constantly striving to make decisions based on student centeredness while upholding the integrity of each individual program. He works with faculty and staff to create innovative solutions to best support students. Our office is lucky to have someone like Pete who serves as an extremely knowledgeable liaison between faculty, staff, and students with a focus on how to serve in the best interest of our college and students. Thank you Pete for all you do!
Lucy Omar Lucy’s enthusiasm translates very well to her online Survey class! Her excitement for working with students, and her ability to adapt to the online environment, have been very appreciated this semester.
Rachel Steele Rachel has gone above and beyond to support one of our SpringForward students who had some unexpected and significant personal challenges occur this semester. Rachel has proactively worked with this student, connected them to appropriate resources, and reached out on the student’s behalf — and all of this during the busiest part of the term. This student told me that they trust Rachel and are glad for her help. Rachel, thank you! Your work matters and you are making a difference!
Peggy Strow Peggy has been providing extraordinary care and attention to a vulnerable SpringForward student. She has built a truly caring relationship with the student. Peggy has gone above and beyond in terms of communicating with the student and making sure the student is getting the necessary academic, personal, and medical help. Thank you, Peggy! The work you do matters!
Katie Watkins Katie spearheaded the survey instructors’ group leading into AU20 (and continuing to support us throughout AU20 via email check-ins and resource-sharing in BuckeyeBox). We’d never been brought together before Katie got us all in one (virtual) place together, and the ideas we shared really helped us mold our AU20 courses! Such cool ideas, innovative questions, and even just commiserating–ha!–helped tremendously in the planning for AU20 survey courses. Being able to see how much my work had in common with the work of other instructors/coordinators was an uplifting experience. Particularly for advisors in smaller units or at the regional campuses, this series of meetings and making connections helped us feel part of the larger Buckeye advising family, and that’s something we ALL can use during this time of working from home and social distancing. Mucho gracias to Katie for bringing us all together and coordinating our collaboration for the benefit of our students and each other.


THANK YOU for your continued hard work and dedication to the students in your area and OSU in November as well as the entire autumn semester!

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