October 2020 Advisor of the Month

Check out some of the wonderful things our advising colleagues have done this past month! Thank you to each of you for all of your hard work and dedication to the students in your areas and OSU!

Lindsey Lee [Nomination 1] Lindsey constantly goes above and beyond with everything she does. Her students are her priority and she does everything she can to make sure each one has all the information, tools and resources to help them succeed in their chosen path. Lindsey is a fierce advocate for our online students as critical decisions are made that impact curriculum. I have been with the university less than a year as an advisor and she has been an amazing mentor. She always has time to answer any questions I have or to talk through a situation. I had only been here for three months when the shutdowns occurred and even though we only spent a short time together in person, she has taken the time to make me feel welcome and has made sure I have the support needed to properly learn and adjust to my position and this new way of advising. These are just a snippet of the things Lindsey has done to ensure everything and everyone is taken care of on a daily basis. Her selflessness during this challenging time speaks volumes to her as a person and an advisor. She truly is, and has always been, an all-star!
[Nomination 2] She not only is a great advisor to out students, but a helpful co-worker who is always willing to lend a hand and help out others. She always has a positive attitude, too!
Ryan Mouncey Ryan is a true team player in the College of Business Advising Office. He is the first to volunteer to help others out when they need coverage or just a helping hand. He always supplies his students with detailed information in an understanding and reassuring manner. We love his calm in the midst of the 2020 chaos!
Matt Ralph Matt is just an awesome advisor and colleague. He’s gone above and beyond teaching out survey class on Zoom and being the resource for our new first year students. He’s always ready and willing to help in any situation. He cares so much about students. Also, he’s one of my favorite folks to do some quick venting with, and I always get a kick out of sending him goofy videos after a tough day. I’m very thankful he’s my co-worker, and everyone should know how much he’s appreciated.
Shannon Romey Shannon has been a great addition to our office. She works extremely hard and always takes the extra steps to help others in the office. Through so many changes in our office, Shannon always has a positive outlook on things. We are lucky to have her as an advisor in EHE and we would be lost without her!
Heather Saling Heather has done an amazing job using her creativity to make the Pharmacy Learning Community engaging and fun, despite being virtual this Autumn. The students have continued to enjoy so many of the benefits of the LC because of Heather’s efforts.
Jeremy Swisher Jeremy has done an excellent job managing all of the major changers and minor student appointments that have been thrown his way this semester. He is attentive to all student needs, and works hard to be sure that he doesn’t miss a detail. I’m also incredibly pleased with the work he has done with the Pharmacy Club this semester. Despite the virtual environment, the club has remained active and engaged this semester!

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