September 2019 Advisor of the Month

Check out some of the wonderful things our advising colleagues have done this month! Thank you to each of you for all of your hard work and dedication to the students in your areas and OSU!

 Nadia Barksdale She’s an exceptional advisor who goes the extra mile to also be a great colleague.
 Katie Bush Katie has done a great job of helping develop the ACADAOS mentorship program this semester, work on the professional development committee, and Autumn Advising Conference planning committee. Katie is a constant resource for new advisors to learn from and grow as professionals.
 Nancy Coscia Nancy has been a great leader for the ACADAOS professional development committee. Through her leadership, she has ensured the 2019-2020 professional development for ACADAOS was solidified well before the academic year began. Nancy is a constant support to her committee and is open to ideas as they arise. Nancy has also had some role transition within her department and has truly given it her all.
 Niki Jaburek Niki is a shining example of an advisor that goes above and beyond her job responsibilities. She is continuously improving and honing her skills as an advisor, as well as, improving the peer mentor program in her department and participating on multiple committees for ACADAOS. Her organizational skills are admirable and her OnCourse knowledge extremely helpful and valuable.
 Lisa Jerele Lisa is an amazing co-worker and advisor. She’s stepped up in so many areas including advising student athletes, and she did a tremendous job planning our Open House. Her support and guidance has been so helpful this year. We really appreciate all of the hard work and dedication she has towards students and our department!
 Kim Tackett Kim is so passionate about her work with students. She strives to make her students feel comfortable and supported in Survey class, so much so that she offers high fives to all of her students as they enter her classroom. She goes out of her way to ensure students feel like they are more than just a number. Kim also challenges her students to think critically and reflect on choices when met with obstacles. Even with a large advising roster, she reaches out to students individually to check in on things and follow up when needed. Kim truly cares about her students being successful and goes out of her way to show them that even though the university is large, students can still build a one-on-one connection with university staff members.
 Kami Westhoff This semester, Kami coordinated the freshman Survey course, our Peer Mentor program, and was instrumental in the hiring of work study students for our office. All of this is in addition to advising her students which she always does with great care and compassion. Thank you, Kami!

The winners of this month’s ACADAOS raffle are… Kim Tackett and Kami Westhoff! Congratulations!

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