A cultural potluck on 11/20/18

Join the ACADAOS Equity & Inclusion committee for our inaugural event:


A cultural potluck on 11/20/18


This potluck is a celebration of cultural diversity and all are welcome!


We are encouraging any who wish to share a dish to bring one with cultural or personal significance along with the recipe to share.  In an effort to promote dialog and understanding about how something even as simple as the food we eat impacts our world view, we would love it if everyone would be willing to spend a little time sharing stories about how their traditional fare (What makes it unique? How is it served/eaten? When is it prepared?  Etc)


We will also use some time to let you know a little about the Equity and Inclusion Committee’s plans for events and trainings for the Spring semester.


Please plan to join us:


What is the Equity and Inclusion Committee? 

This committee is new this year!  Its focus is on helping advisors develop an understanding of the variety of cultures and experiences that both separate and unite us.  We also want to help you enhance your skills and a level of comfort for facilitating productive discussions around difference in an effort to create a more open university community.  We recognize that at some point everyone has struggled with feeling understood and accepted somewhere that we expected to fit in; your participation in Equity and Inclusion trainings and events demonstrates your commitment not only to welcoming diverse students and staff to the university, but also to helping create a sense that everyone belongs here.

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