ACADAOS Workshop Series: Conference Proposal Ideas

In November, members of ACADAOS attended a workshop focused on brainstorming ideas for presentation proposals that could be submitted by advisors who were interested in presenting at various conferences. Sometimes, coming up with an idea can be the hardest part, so we thought we would share some of the ideas that were discussed (see below). Moving forward, we will be hosting a second workshop focused on how to write proposals for submission. This workshop will be held on Wednesday, January 24th from 3:30-5:00pm in Enarson 311. If you are interested in presenting on a topic listed below and/or are looking for others to present with, we would encourage you to contact Stephanie Elliott (, so she can connect those who are interested in certain topics as soon as possible (especially if the conference you are considering requires submissions prior to the January 24th workshop).


  • Peer advising
  • Peer mentors
  • Academic Path Peers
  • Possible panel with other institutions

Advising assessment

  • How to create tools
  • Methods

Transfers/Campus changers

  • Institutional guarantees (2+2/Pathways/etc. what to do when the reality is different than the promise)
  • How to improve processes and experiences for these populations
  • Possible panel with other institutions

Advising about careers

  • Pressure of career and identity in selecting majors
  • Working with parents to help understand relationship between major and career

Career/Professional development for advisors

  • Pathing for advisors – transitioning to other areas within higher ed/institution
  • Paths to professional advising
  • Surviving the first year(s) as a new advisor
  • Engaging new advisors in professional development
  • How to write a conference proposal
  • Using Strengths to inform advising practices
  • Training new advisors
  • Self care for advisors

Having difficult conversations with parents

Teaching transferable skills and general education

Promoting student autonomy and skill development

Selling the “fluff” to self-assured students

Applying Strengths to major exploration

Dropping Truth Bombs

Keeping survey/first year experience classes from being a “catch all” for demands from the institution

Decentralized advising and making connections (possible panel with other institutions)

Tech Bites (short sessions focused on the use of technology in advising, such as strategies to manage email)


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