Advisor of the Month – June 2016


Karen Elekes Karen is an excellent advisor, who is always looking for ways to improve the advising process. Recently, Karen developed a spreadsheet which easily allows advisors to fill in a student’s coursework to meet the requirements for graduation in each of the three majors in the department. The spreadsheet lists critical information on each class, such as prerequisites and when it is offered, so that students can easily see the sequence of classes they need to follow in order to graduate. She distributed this spreadsheet to all of the other advisors in the department, who have commented on how easy it makes schedule planning with the students. They use it to work though course plans with each student, then print it out or email it to the student to help guide them through future semesters.
Karen cares deeply about student success, and is deserving of this award.
Sarah Howard Sarah has easily transitioned into EXP and taken on the lead in important work and reporting. She is also our CARMEN liaison and did a nice overview/training for us on the new platform. Thanks Sarah!
Audrey Van Ostran Audrey took on an important project in our office right in the midst of Orientation. She coordinated work for an individual from the PIECE program (a program that facilitates employment experiences for adults with disabilities). Our office is committed to not only helping students but also to helping others less fortunately than ourselves find success.
Audrey has made John feel welcome and worked hard to find tasks that he could accomplish and feel good about.
Thank you Audrey for going above and beyond!
Austin Mack Austin goes the extra mile in identifying new ways to streamline business processes through use of technology. This month he developed a prototype to handle transfer credit documentation submissions through Qualtrics. The new system is designed to ensure that all docs are accounted for before submission, thereby alleviating back and forth emails. Thanks Austin!


Austin has been coming to the BIO Day 1 orientations this summer to handle questions about all things MATH. This is very helpful for the students, families, and advisors. Austin is also very helpful when answering emails from advisors. He is very positive and patient when explaining information in his email replies. Thank you Austin for helping our students during the BIO Day 1 orientations this summer (and last summer)!

Deni Allman Deni cares deeply for the well-being of her students, and she goes above and beyond to make sure she has up-to-date resources and information to help guide them through their undergraduate careers.
Brenda Dinan Brenda is a fantastic leader/captain for our BIO SCI Cluster in Arts and Sciences. She keeps us organized and well informed of information we need to know to be effective advisors. Our orientations run very smoothly due to her excellent communication skills, positive attitude, patience, and overall knowledge base. Thank you Brenda for being an awesome leader for the BIO SCI Cluster!
Rosie Quinzon-Bonello Rosie does a great job working with the students and families during orientation. She is clear and realistic regarding the academic work load for her students, but is also kind and encouraging. She explains things very thoroughly and the College of Engineering is stronger due to her work and leadership.
Laura Whitaker Laura is always a calming voice of reason even during the most chaotic times in our office. She is always willing to help another advisor and answer questions – she is an awesome team player! Laura also is a great listener and sees the humor in life. She makes our office a fun place to work!
Kelli Swackhamer Kelli has really been taking on a lot this summer. She is teaching survey for the Newark campus and using Canvas before the other advisors. She has taken on a new advising roster with new majors and is leading the scheduling room at orientation for those new majors. She is also planning and developing a new peer mentoring program for the survey class for Autumn semester. In addition, she has managed to fit in some professional development activities and presented with Erin Brown at the Ohio Academic Advising Association conference in June. Whew! I am tired just typing all of the things she has done! Thank you, Kelli for all that you do!


Kelli Swackhamer

Deni Allman

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