About Me

For several years I was an Exploration major, hoping that a class would inspire me to choose a career path. Along the way I discovered multiple subjects that interested me, and though I have a rough plan of what I would like to do, nothing is set in stone. However, I have always enjoyed writing and I recognize that good communication skills are extremely important in any job, so I have chosen to work towards an English degree.

Mostly for my own satisfaction, I published a poetry book, Incomplete Thoughts and Disjointed Sentences, which is for sale on Amazon among other websites. Music has always been an important part of my life, and I have taught myself guitar among other instruments.

Growing up, I was heavily involved in 4-H, and I was fairly successful, receiving awards including first place at the Ohio State Fair in public speaking, poultry skillathon, and other various projects. I had the honor of being crowned the Hartford Fair King in 2016 and hope to remain involved in the fair and in 4-H in the future. I am currently serving my second term as the president of the OSU-Newark Collegiate 4-H Club, a club focused around community service, fellowship, and leadership.

Looking into the future, I hope to become a professor, likely in a field involving global cultures and their interactions. My main goal in life is to make an impact, to change people’s lives for the better, and to make a difference that only I could make.