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About Me

I’m Evan Abbott. I went to Loveland High School in Cincinnati 90 minutes away from Columbus. I pushed myself to achieve in all science courses in High School taking a specific interest in Anatomy, Biology, and Biotechnology. I plan on applying to the Athletic Training program after the first year. After graduation I would like to go on to some sort of post secondary, be it medical school or a doctorate program. As a learner I have always been one to prefer hands on learning. Anatomy and physiology has been my favorite to learn and I enjoy reading new studies during my free time on occasion.

Year in Review

I learned a lot during my freshman year. I got into the Athletic Training program and made the dean’s list both semesters. My advice to incoming freshman comes in many ways. First of all, remember that you are here at college for school, don’t let your grades suffer because you want to go do other things. On the other hand, do not let your academics run your life, give yourself breaks and relax time and not just on weekends but during the week as well. Never underestimate anything. If you did well on an exam, you cannot brush off the next one because the first one was easy. Each test can make or break your grade so giving everything your full effort. I could continue to go on about different lessons I have learned but learning from mistakes helps people mature and understand that life is not handed to you, it takes a lot of work and effort.


G. Working with specific Ohio State sports have allowed me to learn more about global awareness. Certain sports have athletes not only from around the country, but from around the world. Talking and learning from them about how the customs are different in their native countries has really opened my eyes to more global issues and difference in customs.

O. Working in a clinical rotation, we are demanded to be up to date on treatment plans. Thus, we have to do research and study to make sure we are giving the best care possible to our patients. Our preceptors also challenge us with hypotheticals and we have to respond with what it may be and how to go about treating it and creating a long term plan.

A.  I interviewed a girl in the Athletic Training program. I asked her questions about what her rotations looked like. I also asked what I should expect come August and I have to work football camp. I asked her what she wanted to do going forward so I could get an idea for myself.

L. I have taken many steps in my second year to develop my leadership ability. I am now the Vice President of Athletic Training Club, Vice President of Recruitment for my Fraternity, and a School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences Ambassador. These roles help me lead both my peers and those looking to join and learn what my organizations/career choices are about.

S. I did many hours of service throughout the year, achieving more than 20 hours. I did things from dodgeball for building houses in Jamaica and for kids with terminal illnesses, to group work at COSI and the garden of Hope.