Transportation from The Hampton Hotel to the Conference at The Ohio Union:
The walk from the Hampton to the Union is 30-35 minutes and a Lyft, Taxi, or Uber ride takes about 8-10 minutes. You can also take the COTA bus #2 to and from the Union. The #2 runs straight up and down High Street and the trip takes between 11-17 minutes. The bus runs on the weekdays until about midnight (depending on the stop), and until 2am on weekends. You can catch the 2 right across the street from the Hampton (a bit to the north) and you will exit at High at 13th. Cost is $2.00 per ride and you will pay when you board with the exact fare in bills or coins (no change will be provided).

Transportation from The Blackwell Inn to the Conference at the Ohio Union:
The walk from the Blackwell to the Union is 15 minutes. Alternatively, you can take the free Campus Area Bus Service. No ID or bus pass is needed to ride on regularly scheduled buses. Please ask at the Hotel for the closest shuttle stop (about a 1-minute walk from the hotel) and exit at The Ohio Union. On Thursday and Friday the Campus Loop North bus (from Blackwell to Union) and South bus (from Union to Blackwell) pass every 7-10 minutes between 7:00am and 10:00pm (with less frequency at other times). On Saturday the Campus Loop North bus passes every 30 minutes from midnight-noon, and every 15 minutes from noon-midnight.

Garage Parking:
The closest parking to The Ohio Union (conference venue) is The Ohio Union garage right next to the Union. Rates are by the hour, with a daily maximum of $12.50.

Campus Bike Share:
Information can be found here Daily passes cost $6.00 (ride up to two hours at a time during the week; 3 hours at a time on weekends).