Located in the historic Mount Vernon area in near east Columbus, the Community Extension Center provides community outreach and education programs designed to enhance the educational opportunities of students and improve the quality of life for people who live and work in the neighborhoods near and around the center and Columbus’s urban communities. Activities such as faculty and student research projects, non-credit courses designed to offer personal and community enrichment, and college classes aimed at non-traditional students provide a valuable context for the university’s commitment to outreach and engagement and research. University departments, faculty, staff, students and organizations such as the Ray Miller Institute for Change and Leadership benefit from partnering with the Community Extension Center by using it as a resource to promote learning, discovery and engagement initiatives.

The AAASCEC blog is used to provide commentary on topics deemed important to the African American and African culture.  We plan to add blog posts from a diverse group of people- professors, community leaders etc.

We hope you find it thought provoking, enlightening and informative.