Episode 1. Let’s Just Talk with the Kawsay Waqaychaqkuna

In this episode, several of our Kawsay Waqaychaqkuna get together in our gallery to discuss who we are, our jobs, and why we love this collection. Join host Hallie Fried as she talks with Micah Unzueta, Cameron Logar, Amanda Tobin-Ripley, Tamryn McDermott, Claire McLean, and Michelle Wibbelsman.
Recorded: March 22nd, 2022

Episode 2. Let’s Just Talk with Master Weaver Mama Santusa Quispe

Join Kawsay Waqaychaqkuna Micah Unzueta and Hallie Fried as they navigate their first ever Zoom podcast. In this episode, Micah and Hallie are joined via Zoom by Mama Santusa Quispe and her son Carlos Quispe who live in Bolivia. Recently, the Kawsay Ukhunchay purchased a storytelling tapestry from Mama Santusa. Their conversation touches on the story displayed on the tapestry, Mama Santusa’s experiences as a weaver and artist, and more. This episode was recorded in Spanish and Quechua.

Episode 3. Let’s Just Talk with Two-Spirit Afro-Indigenous Artist, Educator, and Medicine Practitioner Indigo Gonzalez

Our third episode is our first ever episode recorded in the high-tech studio at Hagerty Hall! In this episode, host Hallie Fried talks with Indigo Gonzalez about her art, medicinal practices, and her journey through loss and newfound journeys. Find out more about Indigo here: igonzalesarts.com or through her instagram @indigotye.
Recorded: October 18th, 2021

Episode 4. Let’s Just Talk with Peruvian Dancer Anais Fernandez Castro

In our fourth episode, host Hallie Fried is joined in the recording studio by a new addition to the Kawsay Waqaychaqkuna, Anais Fernandez Castro! Together, they talk about Andean festival dances, intricate costumes, identity, and navigating gender roles.
Recorded March 9th, 2022

Episode 5. Let’s Just Talk (Again!) with Master Weaver Mama Santusa Quispe

For our last episode of the year, Hallie Fried, Micah Unzueta, and Claire McLean continue their conversation with Mama Santusa Quispe and her son Carlos Quispe via Zoom. In this conversation, they are able to learn more about how Mama Santusa would like her artwork to be displayed, the impacts of COVID on her life, some updates on her current tapestries, and a short tour of the collection.
Recorded: April 17th, 202