Diablada masks coming soon to the Lakewood Public Library

Be on the lookout for our photos in an exhibit at the Lakewood Public Library!

Diablada de Píllaro Exhibit: Photographer Leonardo Carrizo showcases photographs of the Diablada de Píllaro, a six day festival in the Ecuadorain province of Tungurahua. This exhibit documents the procession of a traditional partida (group) from the Tunguipamba community. The Diablada consist of several masked characters, most noticeable the diablos, wearing masks made of paper mache, animal horns, animal fangs and an assortment of decorations.

(photo by Leonardo Carrizo)

(photo by Leonardo Carrizo)

Thank you, Sebastián!

Sebastián Calfuqueo Aliste, contemporary Mapuche artist from Chile, uses ceramics, installations,
performances and video art to reflect critically on the Mapuche subject’s social, cultural and political
status. Calfuqueo’s art explores cultural similarities and differences as well as stereotypes produced at the intersection of indigenous and western ways of thinking. Sebastián Calfuqueo spent a week of workshops, performances, reflections, project support and exploration with us! Thank you, Sebastián!

Sebastián Calfuqueo Aliste’s residency was hosted by the K’acha Willaykuna Andean and Amazonian
Indigenous Arts and Humanities Collaboration, an interdisciplinary Global Arts and Humanities Discovery Theme initiative committed to critical engagement with Indigenous cultures of Abya Yala (the Guna denominator for the American continent in its entirety). For more information about the K’acha
Willaykuna Collaboration and to join our email list, visit http://go.osu.edu/kacha-willaykuna

OSU Indigenous Peoples’ Day

The Andean and Amazonian Indigenous Art and Artifact Collection was presented at Ohio State University’s Indigenous People’s Day on October 14th. The event featured our pop-up exhibit, The Hidden Life of Things, which includes a number of interactive features, in the Sullivant Hall Rotunda.

Our Student Curators, Jenna Mayeres, Frances Dillon, and Brandon D’Souza, presented the pop-up exhibit at the event and are featured in the photo below. Professors Michelle Wibbelsman and Elvia Andia Grageda facilitated discussions about the Collection. This event was funded by the Global Arts + Humanities Discovery Theme.

The AAAC joins K’acha Willaykuna

From the K’acha Willaykuna website:

K’acha Willaykuna is an interdisciplinary Andean and Amazonian Indigenous Arts and Humanities Collaboration that affirms Ohio State’s commitment to the study of and critical engagement with Indigenous cultures of Abya Yala (the Indigenous denominator for the American continent in its entirety). This initiative is funded through the Global Arts and Humanities Discovery Theme.

K’acha Willaykuna addresses five key areas to enrich and amplify the impact of initiatives at Ohio State, while contributing to new institutional pathways of mobility for inclusion of Indigenous partners. The key areas aim to foster cultural humility among our campus community:

  • Indigenous artist and artisan short-term residencies and consultancies
  • Teaching collaborations and teaching clusters, curriculum development, student engagement
  • Indigenous arts and humanities legacy preservation, knowledge equity and digital humanities
  • Graduate and undergraduate research and student engagement
  • Outreach and public engagement


Student Curators receive Whitten Scholarship

Thanks to a generous donation from Dr. Norman Whitten, our Student Curators, Brandon, D’Souza, Elaine Louden, Jenna Mayeres, and Frances Dillon have received the 2019 Whitten Scholarship for their dedicated work with the Collection. This semester, their work has focused on preparing the Collection for display in brand new display cabinets, as well as writing description cards for specific items within the cases.

Congrats, to our wonderful Curators!

Collection welcomes new display cabinets

Over Winter Break, the AAAC has been hard at work purchasing and installing new display cabinets for the Collection in Hagerty Hall, Room 255.

They look wonderful and make a great addition to the Collection! Pictured here is the new case for the Canelos Quichua Ceramic Collection.