Kawsay Ukhunchay hosts Middle School Student Workshop

On April 15th, Kawsay Ukhunchay welcomed 19 middle school students and three teachers from Columbus Torah Academy to our Collection.

Their teacher, Hallie Fried, is an OSU alumnus and one of our most inspired and inspiring kawsay waqaychaqkuna (student researchers/curators),who we were delighted to see again along with her students!

The students enjoyed workshops connecting to indigenous art and storytelling aligned with their curricular unit on Latin America.  Kawsay Ukhunchay student researchers prepared ahead of time age-appropriate prompts, questions, and activities based on indigenous-inspired pedagogies.

Here is their amazing artwork in connection with their activities!

Thank you to the students of Columbus Torah Academy and our kawsay waqaychaqkuna past and present who helped make the class visit a success!