Dancing with Devils Workshop for SPPO Faculty & Grad Students

This December, the kawsay waqaychaqkuna welcomed faculty and graduate students from SPPO to the Dancing with Devils exhibition. The workshop invited participants to experience elements of our pedagogy, inspired by the Andean concept of the pukllay pampa, or playing ground of ideas. The experience was curated to include elements from all of the public engagement we have done with Dancing with Devils this semester, showcasing alternative pedagogies focused on play, creativity, embodied learning, and relationality; offering hands-on mask-making with Play-Doh from our Open House event; select exercises from October’s Pachaysana theater and social change workshop; and an introductory embodiment and movement activity from the workshop we did with the Dance Department. We were also thrilled to welcome folks from ACCAD who demonstrated some of the augmented reality programs they’ve designed with the masks — not to mention a miniature 3d printed diablito! Thanks to all who participated.


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