Victor Vimos interviews poet Arthur Sze

Last March, I visited Chinese-American poet Arthur Sze, who has lived in Santa Fe, New Mexico, for more than forty years. Sze is the owner of an extensive body of work that brings together more than a dozen poetry books, in which he has extensively explored different views of poetic experience, language, and the intersections that the poem has with the divinatory, the mystical, the experimental, the rhythmic.

Among his works, the book entitled QUIPU puts into dialogue his vision of the poetic experience with the Quipu, developed by the Incas and which has been widely explored as an object that, at the same time, allows different types of readings and references.

The objective of this travel was to develop, together with Arthur Sze, a conversation that would allow us to see how, from a poetic experience in another latitude, space, language, time, a dialogue can be put together with a cultural element from the Andean zone. In addition, Sze allowed me to get to know his work file on Quipu, and the ties that he makes in his research with similar devices used in China, showing that the bridges of cultural dialogue and poetic creation allow reconfiguring scenarios and expanding forms of reflection around different moments. historical and cultural.

Victor Vimos


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