Project Background

Welcome to my website, dedicated to the sharing of a project to create a 5 point seat belt for online safety.  I am Thomas Liwosz, a Masters student in the Education Studies: Educational Technology department at The Ohio State University.  This project was created as part of the completion requirements for ESETEC 7927 Design in Multimedia Education.  This was is described as: “…an introductory overview of multimedia learning principles and development strategies. Students will learn to specify requirements for the design, development, and evaluation of multimedia learning materials. Further, students will demonstrate basic proficiencies across a spectrum of multimedia learning materials development as well as the appropriateness of these solutions for specific instructional goals. The research base for the course exists in the areas of cognitive learning theory, motivation, visual design principles, communication, usability, multimedia learning principles and instructional design as applicable to designing multimedia instructional products.”

On this site you will find my original project proposal, an infographic, and an interactive video presentation with quizzing.  The goal of this project was to create engaging multimedia directed toward third grade students that teach them key concepts for maintaining safety while online.  In order to properly view all products in this project you will need PDF view capabilities and the OfficeMix add-on for Microsoft PowerPoint.