See It, Be It!: Career Exploration


If you can see it, you can be it!


Career exploration is KEY to improving knowledge of career opportunities out there and some careers just haven’t even been discovered yet! So what does 4-H even have to do with career exploration, huh? Well, it’s one way to help “connect the dots” between academics, 4-H experiences, and careers in a way that allows youth to explore various pathways after high school graduation.

See it, Be it! takes a look at careers available today to give broader awareness and discover pathways in Ohio’s career clusters!

Chief of the Ohio Division of Wildlife for ODNR
Geology, You Can Dig It!
Welding Careers Spark Interest
Landscape Architecture, Landscape, Architecture, and Gardening all in one.
Construct Your Own Future with Construction Systems Management
Architects Build Our Future!
Social Work, the Art of Listening, and the Science of Hope
Family and Consumer Science Teachers, Teach the Skills of Life!
Human Resources, A Career With A Personal Touch
Interior Design, Create Your Own Dream Home
Child Care Workers Change the World
Blooming Interest with a Career in Floral Design
Plants Need Doctors Too!
Design is Thinking Made Visual
Measure Twice Cut Once with a career as a Clothing Designer or Seamstress!
Write Your Own Story with a Career as an Author!
A Career in Photography is a Journey Without a Destination
Human Nutrition, Health Food for a Healthy Mood
Occupational Therapy, Adding Light in the Dark
We Count on Pharmacists to Improve our Health!
Medicine Adds Days to Life, Physical Therapy Adds Life to Days!
Agriscience Educators are Stationed by the Owl
Change the World One Child at a Time with a Career in Childcare
Extending a Helping Hand with Extension Education!
I Herd about an Interesting Career in Herd Management!
Let’s Make a Deal, Check Out Being an Equipment Dealer!
Changing the World one Agri Inventor at a Time
Human Resources, Putting People First
Make your Mark with a Career in Marketing!
Take a Journey with Journalism!
Politics, Where Your Voice Matters
Public Relations, positively a great career!
Flying into new careers in Aviation!
Put the Robot in Robotics!
Plant Doctor…I mean Plant Pathologist!
Careers in Food Processing, Why Not?
Cookin’ Up with Culinary Science
Logistics & Transportation
Careers in Parks & Recreation
See it, Be it!: Sustainable Agriculture, Say What?
Explore Aquatics Entomology
What’s a Food Scientist?
A Look at Animal Nutrition
Explore the Veterinary Sciences
Career in Animal Sciences