Medicine Adds Days to Life, Physical Therapy Adds Life to Days!

It is said that medicine adds days to life and physical therapy adds life to days. Watch this video and see how Physical Therapists add life to days!


Does this career interest you? Want to know the pathway to take?

Some 4-H projects and opportunities aligned with this career:

Staying Healthy

Keeping Fit

You’re the Athlete

Tracking Your Health and Fitness

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Programs offered in Ohio State’s College of Food Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences:

Animal Sciences – Animal Biosciences, Veterinary Technology

Programs Offered in other colleges within Ohio State:

College of Medicine – Biomedical Science

College of Education and Human Ecology – Exercise Science Education; Sports Coaching, Recreation, and Physical Education

School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences – Health Sciences, Physical Therapy (doctorate)

Other colleges and universities in Ohio:

Ohio University:

Physical Therapy

University of Dayton:

Physical Therapy

Cleveland State University:

Physical Therapy

Walsh University:

Physical Therapy

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