Here are the correct show and crowning start times for Morgan County Fair 2022. (please disregard the last page of the schedule for shows on Tuesdays the fair book)

There has been some miscommunication so for clarification these are the CORRECT times.

Tuesday, September 6th

9:30am Junior Dairy Goat Show

9:30 am Junior Rabbit Show

4:30pm Royalty Crowning

6pm Junior Fair Sheep Show

Wednesday, September 7th

9 am Junior Fair Horse Show

10 am Junior Fair Meat Goat Show

7 pm Junior Fair Swine Show

Thursday, September 8th

9 am Junior Fair Beef Showmanship, followed by Junior Fair Beef Breeding Show

9:30 am Junior Fair Poultry Show

5 pm Junior Fair Market Beef Show (feeder calves, dairy beef feeders, market beef)

Friday, September 9th

10 am Junior Fair Dairy Show

6 pm All Around Showman Contest

Saturday, September 10th

9:30am Parade

11 am Sale

Do not forget to complete your DUNF Forms, due Tuesday the 6th! Another post talked more in depth about this.

We wish everyone luck at the Morgan County Fair!



We know it seems like forever ago, but there is still a concern about Ractopamine products in the show swine industry. However, we have the materials you need to be prepared for this year’s fair. Located on our county website are several documents that help explain what Ractopamine is, how to provide good nutrition practices, and two forms that declare non-use of the products containing Ractopamine.

One form is for the producer to complete (who you purchased your hogs from). The other form is for the parent or guardian to complete upon arrival to fair. If you raised your own hogs, you just need to complete the parent or guardian form. All materials can be found at this link: https://morgan.osu.edu/program-areas/4-h-youth-development/morgan-county-fair under Swine Materials.

If you have any questions, please contact the OSU Extension office at 740-962-4854.

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2022 Hog Updates from Senior Fair Board

Morgan County Agricultural Society realizes that the use of ractopamine, including brand names: Paylean Optaflex, Engain or any generic derivative of ractopamine is legal BUT our marketplace for hogs will not accept hogs that have ractopamine in their system. Exhibitors whose hogs have ractopamine in their system will be subject to penalties.

The Morgan County Swine show remains a terminal show in 2022.