Winning 4-H Plan 2024

Winning 4-H plan (W4HP) assists Extension professionals and volunteers in developing an accommodation plan for 4-H youth with disabilities. 4-H Volunteers if one of your members needs an accommodation, please share with them the need to complete a request form. If you are a member or parent of member that needs an accommodation and have never applied, please complete a request form, and submit it to the office. If a form has been submitted for a youth previously and a plan was developed, please notify the office by calling 740-962-4854 to confirm the member needs to continue to have a plan. All new requests generally require a meeting with the parent/guardian and member (if appropriate) to discuss the request and determine reasonable accommodations. If a Winning 4-H Plan already exists it will be determined by the parent/guardian and 4-H professional whether changes need to be made to the Winning 4-H Plan and whether a new meeting is needed.

Please act now. The sooner a need is identified the more time is available to create a reasonable accommodation to meet the need of the 4-H member. It is best to act by May 15th.

Attached is the link to the Winning 4-H Plan request form.