Financial Report Due January 31, 2024 — 4-H Organizational Club Volunteers

Your annual financial report is due January 31, 2024. Details on what is needed to complete the report and ways to complete the report was included the October 2023 Newsletter here is the link:

It was also referred to in the January 2024 newsletter you just received.

A copy of the paper form should have been in the October Newsletter for the Organizational Club Volunteer but if it was not in your letter here is a link to paper form.
If you do not have the ability to print a hardcopy can be picked up at the office.

The paper form must be mailed or dropped off at the office. It cannot be emailed or faxed due to financial information included on the document.

All 4-H clubs are required to complete a financial statement whether you have a bank account.

Please make sure to include the accurate EIN number on the form.