Calling all Volunteers!!

4-H Volunteer Impact Study – You May Be Contacted

What you do makes a difference!  We are excited to share that our state will be participating in the 4-H Volunteer Impact Study of volunteers in the North Central Region.

This survey is being conducted as a part of 12 state effort to document the impact of volunteering.  

It will focus on three areas:

·         the personal benefits of your volunteer experience;

·         the impact you have on the organization by volunteering; and

·         how your volunteer efforts contribute to your community in which you live and work.  

A random sample of volunteers of 1000 volunteers from each state will be surveyed.  This study will be conducted through an electronic survey. If you are selected you will receive an email to let you know you have been selected to participate.

You may be picked!!! If you are, please respond.  We want to hear from you and learn from your volunteer experiences.  

Your comments will be used to quantify the personal, organizational and public impacts of volunteers involved with 4-H Youth Development Programs in our twelve-state region.  

Your impact is great and we want to hear from you!!!