Older Youth Surveys Deadline Extended

Due to the early opening and closing of our older youth surveys this year compared to other years we have decided to extend our deadline to apply for older youth opportunities in 2023 to Friday November 25th at 4:30pm!

Note: there are age requirements to these opportunities. These ages are as of Jan 1st 2023 see below:

If you know anyone or are someone who is interested in Junior Fairboard (14), Junior Leaders (14), Older Youth In Training (13), Carteens (15 with permit), Camp counselors (15 by camp), etc. Please apply soon!

To learn more about each opportunity click here to view on our website:


Here are the surveys to apply:

https://go.osu.edu/oyit2023 – Older Youth In Training (13, prerequisite to be a camp counselor in training)

https://go.osu.edu/2023olderyouth – Junior Fairboard, Junior Leaders, Carteens (15 with permit), Sale Committee, 4-H Committee and more (must be 14).

http://go.osu.edu/campcounselormoco2023 – Camp Counselor Application (15 by camp)



The survey will close for good for 2023 on Friday at 4:30pm!