Sale Photos

Fair is just around the corner, time to get excited!

I want to let all market exhibitors know who will be participating in the sale this year that sale buyer photos are to be brought by the exhibitors similar to last year. You may turn them in at Skillathon this Saturday, August 20th or they can be turned in to the extension office. They are due Monday September 5th at the latest and can be turned into the barn meeting at that point. With that in mind, please note that the pictures given MUST be in the CORRECT Format. Pictures must be horizontal orientation as well as the childĀ  MUST be dressed appropriately, keep in mind some buyers may hang their photos up in businesses or somewhere for all to see so dress your best! If they are not in correct format or not what has been specified below the pictures may be refused. Please see the photo attached below for what is expected for the photos.

This year kids will also be expected to pick up their photos during the sale to hand deliver to the buyers. This avoids the issues of buyers not checking out and not receiving their cards forcing them to be mailed and potentially still not being received.

If you have any questions please call the office! 740-962-4854