Cloverbud STEM Day Recap!

Our first STEM Day of the year had a great turn out! We had 24 Cloverbuds, all of which showed their excitement upon arrival. The theme for the April STEM Day was “The Month of April”. Each Junior Leader was able to plan and lead an activity. We had activities for Easter, Earth Day, and April Fools. The picture collage shows the Cloverbuds engaging with the Junior Leaders and Older Youth in Training at each of the 4 different stations. One of the stations was Easter egg dying with whipped cream and food coloring. We had a station that focused on Earth Day, what it was, and why it was important. The Cloverbuds enjoyed planting their own marigold seed at this station. Another station combined Easter and Earth Day. We had a rabbit available for the children to interact with and ask questions. At that same station we introduced recycling and garbage and focused on what items can be recycled. The final station included some April Fools jokes. We created a fortune teller out of paper and told jokes with it. At this station they also did a STEM related hopscotch course which focused on physical activity. Each Junior Leader led their own activity, and the Older Youth in Training led the Cloverbuds around to each of their stations. To conclude the event, the Cloverbuds made dirt pudding for their snack, this helped represent Earth Day. SNAP- ed Program Assistant, Sophia Whisman, talked about MyPlate and did a small activity focusing on healthy snack options compared to others.  The Junior Leaders are working on planning activities for the next STEM Day. If you were unable to attend the event this time, be on the lookout for the registration for the June 6th Cloverbud STEM Day. Registration will become available in late May! Thank you to all the participants, Junior Leaders, and Older Youth in Training that made this event possible. We look forward to seeing you at our next STEM Day!