Celebrate Dairy Month . . . 4-H Endowment Legacy Dinner Donor Honored

Each year at the Fairfield County 4-H Legacy Dinner & Auction the evening begins with a splash of wine and some cheese.  Just in case you didn’t know, that cheese has always been donated by the Marodore Farm, a local dairy near Baltimore.

In the early years of the Legacy Dinner we’re told the Endowment Board members helped to cube the cheese in preparation for the event.  In the more recent years, Lee Kohler, whose family originated and maintains Marodore Farm still today, has found a way for the cheese to be cut and ready for serving.  Each and every year Marodore Farm has donated nearly 25 pounds of cheese that launches the Legacy Dinner!

Knowing the cheese is made from milk from the Kohler’s Marodore Farm is a great way for the 4-H Endowment Board to promote and use local foods.  And knowing all of the Kohler kids were each outstanding members of the Fairfield County 4-H program makes us pretty proud too!!

Very recently Lee Kohler was honored with the Distinguished Service Award from the American Guernsey Association. What an honor for Lee and his family, but more importantly how great is it that the 4-H Endowment Board has benefited from not only Lee’s passion and dedication to 4-H but also the family’s annual donation and their generosity.  You can learn more about Maradore Farm by checking out this article in the American Dairy Association Mideast Drink Milk posting:  https://www.drink-milk.com/farm_family/the-kohlers/

Congratulations again Lee, on your Distinguished Service Award and thank you for your continued commitment to “Make the Best Better” in the Fairfield County 4-H program!!

– Connie Smith, Endowment Board President

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