By the Numbers . . . Leaving a Legacy!

WelcomeWhile we’re still working on finalizing the results of our fund raising efforts from the 2016 Legacy Dinner, here’s what we do know . . . there were 290 meals enjoyed by our friends and the guests of Fairfield County 4-H! To serve that many folks a meal they will not soon forget:

  • 1 full case of applesauce was used.
  • 2 full cases of green beans were cooked.
  • 60 pounds of cheese donated by Marodore Farms was enjoyed during the reception prior to dinner.
  • 300 potatoes were baked and 65 pounds of beef was prepared by Bower & Sons.
  • 2 whole lambs – donated by 4-H member Mason Love and Advisor Kris Doyle – were roasted and prepared to perfection by Kris and Frank Cox.
  • 85 pounds of pork tenderloin were prepared, smoked and served by the Leith family.
  • 43 pies were baked by the Grube family.
  • and . . . unlimited dishes of black raspberry & vanilla ice cream donated by Schaffner’s Drive In were enjoyed by all!

Well over $3,000 dollars of the goods listed above and services that go along with making an enjoyable experience for our guests were donated back to the 4-H Endowment. Also interesting to note, the pies that remained were auctioned at the close of the evening and thanks to the generosity of Sally Grimm, several of those pies were donated to homeless shelters in our County to be enjoyed by those less fortunate.

Plus 18 4-H Junior Leaders assisted by parking cars, serving our guests, and were instrumental in tearing down and cleaning up after the event.

Over 50 items, including themed baskets created by various 4-H clubs as well as individuals, garden implements, artists prints, a handcrafted knife, a wooden handmade bowl, trees, flowering shrubs and more items too numerous to mention were auctioned to raise additional dollars.

In addition to monies actually raised during the Legacy Dinner and Auction, the fund raising effort from this 4-H Endowment event will be extend into fall. A special announcement by Dick Masheter Ford was made naming the Fairfield County 4-H Endowment as the beneficiary of choice for the first annual Dick Masheter Ford golf outing being held this September. Details on this event will be announced here soon, or you may contact Endowment Board member Cheryl Majors to learn how to get involved. We sincerely appreciate the generosity of the Masheter Dealership for this unique opportunity help us Leave a Legacy.

Suffice to say there are literally too many individuals to try to thank personally for all the effort that went into making this event successful, but over and over people just continue to say . . . ”it’s all for the kids” and we just “want to give back” to a program that gave us so much as a youth.Crowd

Regardless of the many ways folks chose to give back, the lasting memory I will carry away from this event was watching 4-H Advisor Sherry Kilbarger washing and drying dishes with our host Cheryl Majors. No matter the dollar amount raised, knowing we are working together to build a Legacy for the Fairfield County 4-H program is invaluable.

Thanks so much to all those who’ve helped yet again, to Leave a Legacy!


Connie Smith, Endowment Board President

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