CJ Brown “Artist Proof” Prints Donated for Auction




Grand Drive (8.5″ X 25″ limited edition Artist Proof)

This just in . . . from Connie Smith . . .

My all-time favorite livestock artist is CJ Brown…one of my favorite prints is Reflections of the Future!! CJ is personalizing the Reflections of the Future print (below) with a young calf looking into a pond seeing his reflection along with the reflection of a blonde youth holding the halter. CJ is personalizing the print so the ear tag will read “4-H.”

My other favorite print is the pig print entitled Champion Drive (above).  Stan and I are pleased to donate these prints in honor of Evan’s 4-H career and our niece, Tessa Friend’s “Champion Drive” in the hog show a few years ago.  Once learning the purpose of our donation, CJ immediately offered to increase the value of the donation by making them Artist Proofs for the benefit of the Legacy Dinner auction!

brown_reflections_webReflections of the Future (8.5″ X 18.5″ limited edition Artist Proof)

Legacy Dinner ticket information is linked here.

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