2022 4-H Camp Ohio Job Opportunities

Each year, 4-H Camp Ohio hires two 34-week Program Instructors to facilitate their Spring, Summer and Fall groups. These positions are crucial in our organization having a successful year, being able to fulfill the programming needs for our schools and weekend groups, and retaining them (as well as their income) year after year.

We are trying to reach youth/young adults who love Camp! They are asking us to reach out to counselors who have graduated out (18+ years) and share with them this opportunity to work at Camp. Start date is mid March, the end date is mid November.

The job description for “Program Instructor 2022” and online application can be found under the “Employment” tab on our website: https://www.4hcampohio.org/

If anyone has any questions, please contact:

Jaymie Dumican, Camp Management

4-H Camp Ohio
11461 Camp Ohio Rd.
St. Louisville OH 43071



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