2021 Hartford Independent Fair Updates

Quality Assurance: 2021 Hartford Fair QA Guidelines

You will find the 2021 Hartford Fair Livestock Quality Assurance Guidelines attached. We hope that you will find these details helpful in determining who must attend QA training in order to be eligible for the Hartford Fair. While each of the three counties will be offering QA programs, we will be attempting to host only our own members during our individual county programs, based upon capacity limits, in order to avoid offering additional programs.

With that said, the SFB Talking Points that are presented during Licking County QA Programs will be distributed to all of you in advance of trainings, and will be posted on the Hartford Fair and Licking County 4-H websites. This will allow you to be aware of the information related to the Hartford Fair, even when attending a Delaware of Knox County QA program.  Additionally, all of the species packets utilized during Licking County trainings will be posted on our county website for reference by anyone who would like additional support materials. While Licking County will not be offering Test Out sessions in 2021, your respective counties may, and please know that those are accepted in meeting the Hartford Fair’s QA requirement.

Meat Chicken Order Form:

Meat Duck Order Form:

Please feel free to contact Lisa at the Licking County OSU Extension Office if you have further questions or concerns.

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