Daily Dose- Normalize the Mask

COVID-19 has in fact changed out world. As we prepare to be slowly released from our stay-at-home orders we must be vigilant in protecting ourselves and others. Social distancing, proper handwashing, and wearing a facial covering are just three things we can start with.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has posted information regarding facial coverings that you can find by going to the following webpage: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/prevent-getting-sick/cloth-face-cover.html Anyone over the age of 2 should strongly consider wearing a facial covering. But where?

Places suggested include:

  1. Pharmacy
  2. Grocery Store
  3. Public places (walking, hiking, outdoors)

It is important to recognize that this effort is in addition to 6 foot social distancing. They should work together, no as one. It can however be very uncomfortable to adjust to wearing a mask. Here are a couple of suggestions that I have.

  1. Try wearing your mask around the house to ensure it fits. You should be able to move your head without it slipping off your face or having the ear loops slip off.
  2. Do your best to keep your glasses from fogging. This Forbes article suggests that you try rubbing your glasses with a tissue, washing your glasses with soapy water, or ensuring that you find a mask with a better fitting nosepiece to keep the moisture from moving through your mask. Personally, someone has suggested that I wash my glasses with shaving cream, but I don’t have any reliable sources saying that this works (feel free to share if you find one).

I chose this topic because of an experience I had yesterday. I went to a store to get groceries. I was very anxious about wearing my mask in public. I have a beautiful mask from Kam Manufacturing here in Van Wert, Ohio (home of Stephanie Dawn).  I put it on, sat in the car for a few moments, and pep talked myself to go into the store to get my groceries. I noticed about 30% of the people around me were wearing masks. I found myself adjusting quite quickly to wearing the mask, even almost forgetting I was wearing it from time to time.

As I was putting my groceries in my car, a man walked past me (heading into the store), and then past me again (walking back to his car). I shrugged it off thinking maybe he forgot something in his car. He appeared next to me (appropriately distanced) and told me that because he saw me wearing a mask, he felt less self-conscious about going into the store wearing a mask. When I saw him walk away, he was going back to his car for his mask. He was of the age that he should have a mask on….and I was so glad I gave him a little boost to “don our masks” much like we have “donned our capes” for Dr. Amy Acton.

Today’s 4-H journal is artistic! Design your own mask. Be fashionable,  be unique, and make it fun! I would love to see your designs! Click this link for the PDF version of this journal.

Don’t just wear the mask for yourself. Wear it for others. Normalize masks for the time being. After all, #weareinthistogetherOhio


I posted a similar statement on the Dr. Amy Acton Fan Club Facebook page last night. It has received over 6,000 (yes, SIX THOUSAND) likes, almost 300 Shares, and over 600 comments! I suppose it goes to show I’m not the only person who was a little nervous about wearing my mask in public! If helping normalize a mask if my 15 minutes of fame…I’ll accept it with honor.

While I am not a paid advertisement for Stephanie Dawn, I can tell you that you can order a mask at https://www.stephaniedawn.net/personal-face-masks/?fbclid=IwAR3wgOSbsJrv7fG5d-MUgxMeAv3QAzrTvSAhzxYa87mm2xomK39wx7_IiHs 

In Great Love,

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