Current Versions of Registration Form, References, Handbook,Rules and Regulations & Score Sheets available for 2016 Competition

Below you will find the current PDF versions of relevant documents for the 2016 Ohio 4H Forestry Competition:

2016 Ohio 4-H Forestry Registration Form

Ohio 4-H Forestry References 2016

Ohio 4H Forestry Handbook 2015-Final 6-15

Forestry Rules and Regs -Final 6-15

Score Sheets for 2015:

Tree ID Score Sheet-Ohio 4H Forestry -Final 6-15

Topo Map Score Sheet-Ohio 4-H Forestry-Final 6-15

Measurements Score Sheet-Ohio 4-H Forestry-final 6-15

Insects Score Sheet-Ohio 4H Forestry – Final 6-15

Diseases Score Sheet-4H Forestry-Final 6-15

Compass Pacing Score Sheet- Ohio 4-H Forestry-Final 6-15

Ohio 4-H Forestry Contacts 2016

  • Dave Apsley, Ohio State University Extension, Natural Resources Specialist


17 Standpipe Road, Jackson, OH  45640

  • Travis West,  Ohio State University Extension-Vinton County, County Director and Extension Educator-4-H Youth Development;

  •  James Downs, Hocking College, School of Natural Resources, Forestry Management Instructor

  • Stephanie Downs, Hocking College, School of Natural Resources, Forestry Management Instructor


Official Tree List – Ohio 4-H Forestry

Below is the official tree list for the Ohio 4-H Forestry Competition IMG_0127

The lists consists of 56 trees (11 conifers and 45 broadleaf species).

To download a PDF Version of the Tree List click here:  Ohio Tree List 2015 Final-6-15

Below you will find that the common names are highlighted and serve as hyperlinks to the Virginia Tech Dendrology Fact sheets:

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