Project 3 Research/inspirations

DIY Goldfish in a Bag Soap for Kids: Melt and Pour Soap Tutorial

fish in soap

  • a charming craft that i think would scale up well to be an interesting 3d art project
  • the image of the lone fish is very isolating, something that could be interesting to portray
  • just has a lot of visual interest with the bright color of the fish against the clear soap and plastic bag surrounding it

Louise Bourgeois's Spider crawls across Brazil | The Art NewspaperLouise Bourgeois' Spider Goes on Tour | Widewalls

Louise Bourgeois’s Spider

  • spiders snare and entrap creatures in their webs, and their legs are somewhat cagelike
  • the spindly, precarious form is very interesting to me. they are dangerous, but fragile
  • i wonder about the potential of a spider with its own web entangling its legs, trapped by its own nature

Coffins — Life Rites


  • a bit morbid, but hear me out.
  • coffins are beautiful and simple forms with a lot of potential symbolism
  • the open in a very interesting way that could be used for visual interest
  • the potential for performance is high. things can be on, around, or inside a coffin. things can be put in or escape from a coffin.

Project 2 research

Jaume Plensa

-frequently utilizes transparency to create a connection to surroundings

-lack of visibility facial expressions can lead to an interesting sense of anonymity

-enclosed spaces can create a landscape that is quite interesting

Jaume Plensa – Invisibles | ITSLIQUIDBeauty will save the worldcodaking | Public artwork, Art destinations, Art and architecture

Rebecca Horn

-artwork that draw a lot of attention in public

-i like the use of supports to help hold the artwork in place

-the hypervisibility of this work appeals to me a lot

Erhard Wehrmann - Fifteen Artists, Rebecca Horn, Documenta 5 - n.b.k. - ArtothekExhibition : Adel Abdessemed Adonis Etel Adnan Artemisia Robert Barry Barbara Bloom Christian Boltanski Louise Bourgeois Andre Butzer Daniel Dezeuze Jason Dodge Bogomir Ecker Gunther Forg Ellen Gallagher Dominique Gonzalez Foerster LorisRebecca Horn: A Stimulating Body of Works | AnOther

Object Head Movement/subculture

-born out of a desire to have simultaneous self-expression while maintaining anonymity

-a subculture dedicated entirely to transforming the head

-opportunities to play with differing levels of transparency and face visibility

Group of object heads : ObjectheadsCool Retrogaming Costumes for Halloween | Video game cosplay, Geek news, Best cosplay

-ok these sketches suck but my wrists hurt so drawing hurts. meh

-the goal would be to possibly utilize mesh or vinyl to mimic a screen

-typical object head protocol is to not show the face. but for this one, I could utilize transparency to create a transformation rather than a replacement

-could play with the idea of wires and technology integrated with a human body (SFX to have power cord into neck?)