David Stamper – Athletic Training

Project Title: Development of a Three-Dimensional Rib Fracture Analysis Methodology

Project Mentor: Yun Seok Kang – Health and Rehabilitation Sciences


2 thoughts on “David Stamper – Athletic Training

  1. Hi Davey,

    I really enjoyed watching your presentation and found it easy to follow along through the development of the 3D analysis methodology. In the future when using this on the human subjects to analyze their rib fractures, what kind of roadblocks or obstacles do you anticipate that might cause you to have to go back and tweak the methodology of this rib fracture analysis?

    • Hi Joey,

      This presentation was limited to the overall development of the method and as such, finer details of fracture characteristic analysis and data collection were omitted. While I’m not certain, I could foresee determination of the ideal measurement technique as presenting an obstacle. This would simply require an exploration and comparison of the features the software has to offer, as was the case in determining the optimal model and need for a secondary threshold mask.

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