Sam Johnstone – Chemical Engineering

Project Title: On the Transport of CO2, N2, and H2O in Poly(N-vinylformamide-co-vinylamine) Copolymers with Different Amine-to-Amide Ratios

Project Mentor: W. S. Winston Ho – Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

One thought on “Sam Johnstone – Chemical Engineering

  1. Question: Did you measure the glass transition temperature of the copolymer at the DoH = 0? Is Tg = 0 at the DoH = 0 correct? It looks odd.

    Answer: Tg was measured at 0% DoH and was found to be 2.3 degrees C. The jump from this to over 50 degrees C at 20% DoH was indeed odd. This effect was attributed to the introduction of extensive hydrogen bonding between the newly formed vinylamine units and the N-vinylformamide units and between vinylamine units and themselves that was not present at 0% DoH. This increased bonding caused the polymer matrix to compact much more, therefore leading to a significant jump in glass transition temperature.

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