CFAES help for growers and producers

CFAES experts know that this year has been particularly challenging for Ohio growers and producers due to the historic rainfall in Ohio this growing season. As such, CFAES has convened a task force to address concerns and offer the best science-based recommendations for and solutions to the issues growers are facing regarding weather impacts, tariffs, and low commodity prices.

Here are just a few of the resources that CFAES experts are working hard to offer farmers statewide.

2019 Ag Crisis



Farm Stress

For individuals

For people serving the farm community

Agronomic Crop Farmers

C.O.R.N. Newsletter

Dairy Producers

Buckeye Dairy News




Livestock Producers

Ohio Beef Cattle Letter

Ohio Ag Manager

Ohio State Sheep Team


Digital Agriculture

Digital Ag Download

Fruit Producers

Ohio Fruit News

Vegetable Growers

VegNet Newsletter

Wine Grape Growers

Buckeye Appellation