Welcome to the 2016 Working Conference on Discourse Analysis in Education Research

Welcome to the 2016 Working Conference on Discourse Analysis in Education Research.  The conference is sponsored by the Center for Video Ethnography and Discourse Analysis in Education of the Department of Teaching and Learning at The Ohio State University, College of Education and Human Ecology.

The Working Conference is a small conference that emphasizes dialogue and conversation about the use of discourse analysis in education research.  Scholars have opportunities to share their discourse analytic scholarship, their diverse approaches to discourse analysis, and learn from each other.

Definitions of “discourse” and “discourse analysis” vary widely in education research and are approached from diverse disciplinary and inter/transdisciplinary perspectives.  The Working Conference welcomes a broad range of definitions of discourse and discourse analysis.  By welcoming a broad range of definitions and perspectives, it is our hope that scholars can learn from each, gain insights for their own research, and can better appreciate others’ research initiatives.

This year the Working Conference will be held at The Ohio State University, in Ramseyer Hall (Room 260), on Friday, May 20, Saturday May 21, and Sunday May 22, 2016.  Please see the “Program” page for more specific information on the schedule of events.

Through this web page you can gain information about the “Program,” recommended hotel accommodations, a list of participants, the keynote panels (and readings for the keynote panels), and more.

Please note: All participants should submit the title of the research they will be sharing in the small working groups by April 15, 2016, to cveda.osu@gmail.com  (For more information about the working groups, please click here or on the working groups web page link to the left).

For more information contact the Conference Program committee at cveda.osu@gmail.com