Course Project: The Full Picture

[Updated to reflect deadlines for Autumn 2021]

As mentioned during the first week of class, the Course Project is a multi-part learning activity to be completed throughout the semester. IT IS NOT A BOOK REPORT. It requires you to focus on two significant changes you want to achieve before the semester ends. Often, we want to improve our lives and make positive changes but can’t make time for it, don’t know where to start, or are not sure what to change. By implementing strategies from a book chosen by you, the Course Project will help you get started with this process of improvement. Your improvement can be in any area of life – academic, personal, career, etc.

A successful course project requires you to write SMART goals, track and monitor your progress, and collect evidence throughout the process. Visit the College Success website for examples and inspiration from previous student projects. Check out this handout for specific examples of SMART goals. And here is a handout with examples and resources for tracking your goals.

NOTE: For each one of these parts/stages there is a specific DOCUMENT TEMPLATE you must download, complete and upload TO CARMEN. What follows, are just the basic objectives of each part/stage of the project. Detailed instructions are provided via Carmen and through each template. On this table, Part 1 shows as completed because the deadline already passed.

1. Book Selection• Brainstorm what you want to work on
• Select a book and explain why you chose it
• Identify 2 goals the book might help you achieve
• Complete the “Course Project: Planning and Book Selection” document
• Acquire your book and begin reading.
September 1st
2. Check-In #1• Fill out the S.M.A.R.T. Goal Plan for 2 goals that your book can help you achieve.
• Fill out a plan for potential obstacles and the ways you could address them
• Save and upload the Check-in #1 document to Carmen
• [1/3 of the book completed]
September 22
3. Check-In #2• Write your S.M.A.R.T. goal and book at the top of the document.
• Carefully read through what it means to “track” and submit “proof.”
• Identify what ideas in the book you want to implement.
• Complete the chart detailing how you will implement and track those ideas.
• Save and submit the Check-In #2 document.
• [at least 2/3 of the book completed]
October 20
4. Rough Draft• Thoroughly read the Rough Draft AND Course Project: Final Product documents. Contact me with any questions.
• Select your final project format.
• Create the outline and a rough draft.
• Follow submission and attendance requirements as listed in Carmen.
• Book reading completed.
November 14
5. Final Product• Share your insights from the book you read and applied to your life this semester.
• What you submit will NOT be a summary or book report. Instead, it will be a way to teach other students and help others learn based on your experience. 
December 1st