Baker International Group

Baker International Group is a team comprised of various engineers from groups A, C, and N who are collaborating to complete the Advanced Energy Vehicle (AEV) Design Project.

“The AEV Project is an energy and environment design-and-build project that challenges first-year engineering students to create an autonomous electric vehicle transportation system. These vehicles are the result of their semester-long design-build project, focusing on using advanced energy concepts and energy management to successfully address a real-world transportation scenario modeled after Smart Columbus.”
OSU Department of Engineering Education

The idea of Smart Columbus will take place between Linden and Easton. Linden is cut-off from most public amenities due to I-71, and also has three of the 25 most dangerous intersections in Columbus. Easton is the commercial district of Columbus, and using Smart Columbus to connect it to Linden would allow for safer, more environmentally healthy, and increased mobility for the citizens of Columbus. The mission of Smart Columbus is to improve the city of Columbus, and by implementing an “AEV” type vehicle, the quality of life for the people of Columbus would be greatly enhanced.