Module 7: Key to Movitation for Online Learning

This week we have the last lesson: Key to Motivation for Online Learning. I think the most useful thing I learned in this module is how to enhance and maintain my motivation to study. In this lesson, it talks about the importance of the background environment. The situation of the background environment determines the level of attention that students put into study. The more attention students put into study, The better grade students can get from the class.

Everybody wants to get a good grade from the class. In this lesson, it introduces a good app on the mobile phone called White noise which can provide a good music list to give users a good background environment to study. When I want to listen to music to study, I don’t know what music to listen to. This app dealt with my problem. Later, I get an A on my EDUTL 1902. I think the app White noise gives me a lot of help.

If anybody wants to use more about the app and how it helps to have a good environment to study. Just click the link to have a further understanding:

It’s the end of the semester, I hope that everybody can have a good grade for the final. Hope that this post will help you :).


Module 6: Searching and Researching

In this week, we learn how to search for information that we need and create a research paper from the class. The most useful thing I learn in this class is how to identify and get a good source. The way to identify a good source is to make sure its reliability, quality, and utility. Reliability means that¬† And also, I can try Wikipedia to find the source I want in the future. In this lesson, it says that we can first use Wikipedia to know the object we want to learn. And later, we can follow the references below to get more information that we need. What’s more, we can try to use other Wiki resources such as Wiktionary, Wikibooks, Wikiversity and etc. By using these resources, I can nearly get everything about the object I want to research. I recommend that all of the students can try to use Wiki resources to start the research. As the references below can be extended to different aspects such that we can find the point we are interested in and the get our final research questions. If anyone wants to know more about the Wikipedia resources, you can click the link below: (Page 17, 18)

I’m glad to see you guys next week. : )

Module 5: Web-Enhanced Listening and Viewing Strategies

Hi everybody. In this week, we have the online Powerpoint lesson 5: Web-Enhanced Listening and Viewing Strategies.

I think the most useful thing I learn in this lesson is to use the iPad to do good note-taking. For me, I’m not good at note taking, so every time I try to remember all the points in my mind in a class. It leads to a bad grade in some of my classes.

I don’t like to take note because note taking needs pen and notebook, which I always lose and cannot find them later : (. Now I try to use the App on my iPad called “Notability” to take note. By using Notability, I don’t need to worry about whether I take a pen and notebook to the class or wasting time finding the lost notebook corresponding to that class. It really helps me in my study and I get a full point for a midterm.

In the future, I may try to upload some of the words from the internet by just copy and paste it in my Notability. It can not only be my note-taking tool but also a way to create a good outline. The way I learn is from the Powerpoint video:


Module 4: Web-Enhanced Reading and Study Strategies

In this week, our lesson mainly discusses web-enhanced reading and Study Strategies. The most useful thing I learn in this class is to have some good electronic reading habits. During our studies, we cannot avoid reading extra learning materials like articles and news. Now we mainly read these reading materials online. For each class, we need to read a lot of reading materials to be ready for the next class. But how can we make sure we fully understand it? In the lessons, we learn that we need to keep good reading habits even if our reading is gonna transferred from paper into an electronic version. For example, we can change the font of important or confusing information to be bold so that the next we read the articles we will understand the reading more. And also, I think if we draw a diagram and put each part of the reading in it, the structure of the reading will be more clear for us to understand. For example, I always love to make the font size of important information larger or change it to another color such that the next time I read the article, I will understand it more quickly. That is also the suggestion I made to you. It’s actually useful. 6)

Okay, gonna see your guys next week!!

Module 3: Efficiency in the Digital Age

Hi, everybody. Today we are learning the module 3: Efficiency in the Digital Age. Inside the module, we learn how to improve our work efficiency and know what distracts us when we want to do stuffs. The most useful thing I learn is the tip to avoid digital distractions in part3: digital distraction. We are often distracted by some digital signals like emails, messages etc. There is a useful tip inside the PowerPoint which is using App SelfControl. This app will automatically lock our windows until we finish the work we need to do. It will prohibit us to receive messages and emails when we are working. We will save a lot of time by using this app. (App SelfControl Page 24) Now I’m using the app as I have a long essay to do. This app lock my windows for the whole day when I am working on my paper : ). Although the feeling is not so good, but I only spends 4 hours to finish my long essay (normally I need 6 hours). And also, in the future I may create a google calendar to schedule the work for me. (Google Calendar Page 18). Google Calendar provide the service for us to put all the works inside and create a reasonable time schedule for us. If anybody want to know how to use SelfControl or Google Calendar. There are links below about the instructions:


Google Calendar:

Module 2: Online learning strategies and skills

The most useful thing I have learned from this module is that we need to know how to write a good email to the professor. We should express our thought directly to our professor but not saying a lot which has no meaning. Now I use it in my study life. For example, I avoid using “lol” and “XD” in an email when I am writing an email to my Economic professors. And also, I try to directly talk about the questions without saying some situation.

And also, the idea of using online communication instead of face-to-face communication can be used in my future. As sometimes I am shy to meet other students in real life, this idea can be used perfectly in my study life. Thus, I may get on well with strangers and make more good friends.

After I have experienced module 2 lessons, I give you some advice to improve your online learning. Discussion posts are the part that students always forget. By submitting a discussion post about your question on the discussion post, professor and other students can help you immediately on it. You can get a quick response from that.

Thank you for reading my article : ). Hope these tips can help you guys improve your online learning.