Finance 7216 – Private Equity: Theory and Practice

Private equity funds are responsible for a large percentage of merger activity both inside
and outsider the U.S., and has been responsible for financing of most of the most
prominent new companies that have gone public in recent years. The organized private
equity market has become a major component of the capital markets.


Finance 8230 – Corporate Finance Theory – Doctorate Level

This is a first doctoral course in corporate finance.  It is mainly focused on theories related to capital structures, contracting, banking, and corporate liquidity.


Finance 8260 – Advanced Corporate Finance – Doctorate Level

This is an advanced course in corporate finance. Its goal is to bring Ph.D. students to the
frontier of knowledge so that they can start doing their own research in this field.  It covers a range of topics including bankruptcy/restructuring, raising capital, corporate governance, internal capital markets, and capital market/product market interactions.