Volunteers Needed for Ag Plastic Container Recycling Day

agcThe Wayne County Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) is looking for some volunteers to help with their Ag Plastic Container Recycling Day.  This could be a great community service and volunteerism activity for 4-H clubs – both youth and adults!

Message from Kelly Riley, Education Specialist with the Wayne County SWCD:

We are looking for any students or even adults that may be interested in helping us for one day – even just for a couple of hours on Tues. July 15th. Wayne SWCD is hosting our 1st ever Ag Plastic Container Collection Event – at the Wayne County Fairgrounds.

We need volunteers to help check in registered people, direct them in line, unload containers and just keep it flowing and organized. We have never done this, so we need all the help we can get!  If you could please help spread the word, and have students contact me that would be greatly appreciated it. We will sign them up as “Friends of Conservation Groups”.

Please feel free to share with 4-H groups and others that may be interested as well.

I have attached the Volunteer Form – and information about the actual event. If you could spread the word about it, we would greatly appreciate your help. We are requesting farmers to register so we have an idea about the volume of plastic containers we might be dealing with, and that form is attached as well- just an FYI.  All of this is also listed on our website.

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