Undergraduate Students

Name, Primary Mentor

Paige Anderson, Cristina Howard/Natalie Solonenko

Paige is a third-year majoring in Molecular Genetics. She’s interested in becoming involved in the research community and learning to apply lab techniques to both phage decay and phage therapy projects. She also aspires to attend medical school after graduation.


Aubrey Jensen, Cristina Howard/Natalie Solonenko

Aubrey is majoring in Molecular Genetics. She has been involved in both phage decay and phage therapy projects. Currently, she is on hiatus to study abroad in South Africa.



Jenny Samiec, Cristina Howard

Jenny is a third-year Microbiology major interested in immunology, and researching bacteriophages and ways they can be helpful in becoming a replacement for certain antibiotics. Jenny also enjoys being a Young Life leader and is an active member of Global Brigades at OSU.


John Thomas, Cristina Howard

John is a third-year microbiology major who is interested in researching microbial organisms and how they can be used to model larger biological systems. He enjoys being a member of the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity at Ohio State and also volunteers weekly at the Columbus Public Health Department. He intends to go to medical school after graduation.


Catherine Johnson, Cristina Howard

Catherine is a second-year student studying Environmental Public Health and plans on attending medical school to specialize in infectious disease or pediatrics. She is the Vice President of Membership for Delta Zeta Sorority and is involved in Ohio Health Aid at OSU.


Katie MalasNatalie Solonenko/Lauren Chittick

Katie is a second-year majoring in Biology, with interests in virology, evolution, and ecology. After her undergraduate studies, she is pursuing medical school and  desires to remain active in the research community. Aside from academics, Katie is a member of the Ohio State University Club Water Polo Team and the Ohio State University Powerlifting Team.


Nicole Casey, Ann Gregory/Consuelo Gazitua
Nicole is a fifth-year student studying Data Analytics with a Biomedical Informatics specialization and a minor in Spanish. She hopes to aid in the discovery of self-splicing intron sequences in phages that can eventually be made public to the broader scientific community. In the future she wishes to continue working in the field of bioinformatics.


Allison Howell, Ann Gregory
Allison is a second-year majoring in Microbiology with a minor in Pharmaceutical Sciences. She is interested in immunology, virology, and bacteriophage research, and hopes to attend graduate school. She is also involved in the STEM EE Scholars program and volunteers weekly through the Semester of Service program.


Kenji GerhardtAnn Gregory

Kenji is a fifth-year undergraduate in the Data Analytics major with a biomedical informatics specialization and a minor in both German and Statistics. He is working on the coding on a pipeline intended to make calculating a wide range of genetic biostatistics simple for biological scientists unfamiliar with programming or limited in their resources. He hopes to attend graduate school and continue working in bioinformatics.