Ocean Viruses: Hidden Movers and Shakers of the Earth System

All but overlooked until the past decade, marine viruses far outnumber any other biological entity on the planet. Scientists are only beginning to discover the invisible particles that are the cogs of Earth’s system, changing dynamics in food webs, fisheries,…

$600K grant to help UA prof study ocean viruses

A University of Arizona researcher has snared nearly $600,000 from the National Science Foundation to study the role viruses play in the growth of an oxygen-starved region of the sub-Arctic Pacific Ocean. · Arizona Daily Star, May 23, 2010

Biosphere 2 Holds Special Event for Tara Expedition Launch Sept. 5

The University of Arizona Biosphere 2 and a UA scientist involved in a new international ocean expedition will present a special public event, “Tara Oceans: Voyage to the Bottom of the Food Chain,” at Biosphere 2 on Saturday, Sept. 5….