Viromics Workshop

The 4th (nearly annual) OSU Viromics Workshop

May 8-10, 2019 at OSU’s Mathematical Biosciences Institute

Hosted by

Matthew B. Sullivan

Teaching staff

Ben Bolduc (OSU), Simon Roux (JGI), David Paez-Espino (JGI),

Arvind Varsani (ASU), Bonnie Hurwitz (U Arizona), Ben Temperton (U Exeter)

Why Viromics?

Microbes are now recognized as integral to ecosystem function in the oceans, soils, bioreactors, and humans, but recent evidence suggests microbial roles are strongly influenced by viruses. Sequence-based, viral metagenomic (viromic) approaches have transformed the study of viruses in these complex communities. This 2.5 day workshop kicks off with a mini-symposium to showcase diverse virome-enabled science and then seeks to introduce graduate students and postdocs to the informatics tools (iVirus and IMG/VR) available to develop biological understanding of viruses from viral and microbial metagenomic datasets.

Should I attend?
The workshop is primarily geared towards PhD students and postdocs, but we will also consider early career faculty. The tools and databases presented will be of most use to those studying viruses of bacteria and archaea (rather than viruses of eukaryotes), particularly in complex communities across any ecosystem. Significant hands-on training, as well as discussion sessions will be the focus of the workshop.

How do I apply?
Fill out this application!

You will need to have a 2-page CV as part of the application process.

Where is it being held?
OSU’s Mathematical Biosciences Institute

Are there any fees to attend?
For academics: no — your only costs are to travel and stay here (e.g., airfare, taxis, hotel, some food). We thank the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and The Ohio State University College of Arts and Sciences for partial funding support, as well as the OSU Mathematical Biosciences Institute for providing the venue. Breakfast and lunch will be provided, dinner (up to the attendee) will be left informal to let small groups form.

For those coming from industry: Yes, there is a $2000 registration fee, plus the travel and per diem costs.

Some financial assistance is available, so if you would like to attend, but cannot afford it, please contact Matt Sullivan.


Suggested Reading

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